Resource Community

BoostCord is a resource community for Discord Server owners, admins, mods and creators. 

Our community offers free graphics, templates, insightful guides and help along with detailed, in-depth reviews of tools and resources for sever admins. Our supportive mentorship and leadership team can help solve problems, give you ideas and direct you to the best tool for the job. If you are looking to grow your server, you belong in BoostCord.

Community Forum

Connect with members by posting and communicating about topics that impact your community. From moderation issues, branding and design feedback, to what bot is best… you’ll always find someone willing to chat and support you.


Discuss branding and design, role setup, channel layouts, message design, icons and emotes and even your server ad.


Connect to discuss community engagement, growth, running events, forum ideas and moderation.


Discover the best utility bots, moderation tools, game bots to engage members and other tools and resources to help manage your community.

Server Members

Support Mentors